Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Caution: If you have arachnophobia, this may give you nightmares.

This last Tuesday, Jessica, Marti, Nicole, and I gathered to make peach ice cream (can you say, YUM?!). We were in need of some ingredients so we all piled in Marti's car and headed for the store. About 3 minutes into our journey Marti yells, THAT WAS A SPIDER!!!, and flips her car around. As she's flipping around I look back and see a large black spot crossing the road. Sure enough, a tarantula was crossing the road.

Did you hear me???
A TARANTULA!!!!!!!!!!!
Do those even exist in Utah???? We didn't think so.

We were all in shock for a few minutes, didn't know what to do, tried calling animal control with no luck. Soon enough, a family was walking down the street so we asked them if they had seen tarantulas in this area. They acted shockingly calm and said yes, they don't bite and aren't poisonous. We debated throwing rocks at it, running it over with the car, and finally just decided to leave it be.

Lucky tarantula.
Disgusting tarantula, more like.

I just have to say that I couldn't fall asleep last night because in the dark the fan on my bedroom ceiling was looking very similar to the tarantula and royally freaking me out.

Here are some pretty crappy pictures I took with my phone. They don't do it justice.

Are you proud of how close I got to it? Yeah, I'm pretty brave. So were the other girls.

At this point, it was getting pretty late, so we decided we would skip making ice cream that night and call our tarantula adventures our homemakers for the week.

I'm still looking forward to peach ice cream, soon, though! 


  1. I am still pretty shocked. I did not know spiders that big live in Utah. Apparently they are up in the mountains... which is a good thing to know because now I will never live up there. EWWW!!

  2. PRETTY GOOD! I caught a tarantula at Vivian park in provo canyon once. I named it vivian. I can't believe you considered killing to poor thing...

  3. Why am I commenting on a homemaking blog? Wow.