Saturday, November 13, 2010

PaRk CiTy!!

This past weekend a bunch of us got together and went to Park City. I found a really great deal on a place in the Canyons that ended up being even nicer than we expected! We started the night by meeting up at the Castle's. We caravaned up to Midway where we ate at a mexican restaurant with like 30 different kinds of salsas. DELICIOUS!

On the trip to Park City we had:

Me and Casey

Hayley and Jake
Marti and Collin
Collin was nice enough to practice polygamy for the weekend and take on a second date. Lucky man, Marti AND Corrine!!
Corrine :)
Ben and Sara
Kara and Tyler
AND Lexi and Greg
When we got to the lodge, the wine glasses were in instant hit with the guys! Apparently there's something very attractive about drinking water from a wine glass.

And us girls did a similar pose to the one we did last year in Park City.
This year, the bed was big enough to fit all thirteen people for a group shot!
After checking out our room for the night, we checked out the pool and hot tub.
Let's just say the girls stayed warm in the hot tub,
While the boys did some aerial synchonized swimming.
The hot tub was really cool... in the shape of a donut. At one point we all got our work out in for the night by making a lazy river.
Hayley put together a FABULOUS breakfast. She made a delicious breakfast casserole, her incredible syrup with french toast, fruit, orange julius and of coarse, cheesy hashbrowns.
We had a wonderful trip to the Escala. Now we are ready for the Outlets!

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  1. Super duper jealous and missing you ladies like crazy!!