Monday, June 1, 2009

How the Amish Make Friends

AHHH bread!!
Ashley gave Jessica and I a starter for friendship bread and after a week of sloshing and stirring and adding the specified ingredients, we were ready to make it into bread. First we had to make a trip to Macy's. Being a newlywed, my apartment wasn't exactly stocked with sugar, flour, vanilla and the like to be so culinary. On that same trip my husband called me with a very very important request. I was to pick up batteries. See, Casey usually works monday night but this particular monday was memerial day and he had worked all morning. He used this opportunity to catch up on his gears of war with his friend we call boone. Anyways, I come to find out he didn't actually need the batteries right then. Oh no, the batteries were only in case his controller died. He gave me some analogy about when the day of judgement comes, the day to prepare is gone... something like that. Anyways, he apparently went all boyscoutie and wanted to be prepared. Obviously we also had to get my husband enough diet coke vanilla to last him through the night.
Moving on, we each got our bowls and started baking away. By the end of the night there was flour and sugar everywhere. We found out my oven sucks. Half of the oven is hotter than the other. From now on we will need to rotate our baking experiments if we would like them to cook somewhat evenly. The bread was delicious and we been working on the tasty treat for a week.

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