Monday, June 1, 2009

We're not ashamed

Sometimes the feminist in me weeps when I have a strong urge to feed everyone around me. When I think about pie crusts instead of reading Women in Society (True story. Women's Studies was a bust) I feel ashamed.

But enough!

I won't be ashamed anymore!

I will plant gardens and embroider any scrap of fabric that is fortunate enough to cross my path! I will beat egg whites to perfection! I will make the lightest, fluffiest pastry this side of the Mason Dixon line! I will go yard saleing for my kitchen, and I will discuss color palattes for my living room! I will be the best homemaking feminist that has ever happened, and I'm taking Ashley and Nicole down with me.

Now that I got that off my chest, I'll start talking about the garden.

Nicole woke up Monday morning and decided right then that she would plant a garden. Nicole is a woman of action, so when she decides to do something it usually gets done that day. So Monday evening Nicole, Ashley and I went to get some gardeny things. We got tomatoe plants, green beans, sugar peas, cilantro, carrots, and zuchinni. We then made our way into Nicoles back yard where we weeded and de-rocked the portion set aside for the garden of the century. Fun fact about Nicole's back yard: she doesn't have grass. She has onions. Everything we pulled was an onion. It was incredible. I had never seen so many onions. Anyways, we got the soil ready for planting, and started. We made the cutest little mounds you ever did see, got super muddy, and ate creamy popsicles.

After we were done squealing and freaking out about how cute our garden was, we decided to make this a regular thing. See, Nicole is a newly wed. Like, the ink is still drying on her marraige certificate. She is an awesome wife, but feels that her cooking skills could be augmented. Ashley felt the same way, and I happen to know my way around the kitchen. Ashley can sew and make anything, and Nicole and I really want to learn that from her. Nicole is the most orginized person in the world, and her life is in such order. When she makes a plan it happens efficiently and quickly, so Ashley and I decided that we needed that skill. We decided to meet regularly to help eachother grow. Thus, Homemakers Anonymous was born.

To help us become better humans, we also take time after our lessons to read the words of the Prophets and Apostles. This particular Monday, Garden Monday, we read the talk " Personal Preperation for Temple Blessings" by Elder Russel M. Nelson. We talked about the stages of our lives that we are in, and how the temple plays a huge role in where we are, where we are going, and where we want to be.

Pictures will follow.

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